Fallout PnP: The Ballad of Hopkins & Scott

Hate and Loathing in New Reno

Reno job – Retrieval for client. Schmitty is driving for us. Client specifically asks for us. They will tell us what we will be retrieving when we get there. We take the Canyonaro to get there after seeing Sal’s wife, Tawny, for basic gear. We get a vehicle repair kit, standard rations, healing powder one each, two antivenom doses.

Sandy Flats – Schmitty’s smith shop, eddie wants a wakasasi made of adamantine. Has to find 2 sets of claws. Canyonaro gets stolen from us when we bring Schmitty to the Doctor.

We get to New Reno and meet with Mr.Phil. A family heirloom was taken from him. He wants us to get it, it is Held by Mr. Cord at the Northern Lights Casino and it is a ring with diamonds and a monogram CP. Cord is a wanted man for espionage for 200 caps and a kill order with no repercussions. He gives us a black box with a laser to remove the ring. He also gives us an old timey camera to take a shot to prove it is the real ring. Cord has three body guards with handguns and a blond girl on his arm. We need to get a car to get in northern lights.

We meet with Smiling Jack at the car dealership and he offers us free ride and some caps if we go to the car park and turn it back on for him. It will require us going down to the basement and priming the turbine 3 times then flipping the switch. We go downstairs and smell old death in here. Eddie turns his flashlight on and we start to enter. Suddenly there is a glowing that lightens up the room and we see 6 ghouls.



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