Fallout PnP: The Ballad of Hopkins & Scott

Job Well... Completed

Jackson decides to holster his weapon and say that he just wants to ask the guy a question. The guy takes another shot at him. Jackson says no don’t shoot I just want to ask a question. He gets shot at again and then asks for help from the robots since he is getting shot at. The robots move forward towards the man in the truck and unleash with flamers into the cab leaving him as a crispy fried critter. The robots then ask Jackson to follow them to medical so he can be given healing. They lead him to the medical area with an auto doc or waiting fifteen minutes and decides to wait. The doc shows up and heals him up then tells him that she has to follow him around since he is at risk for Red Rash.

Meanwhile Coyote uses his all access pass to check out the stage and dressing room area to have an idea of what they will be up against in a few hours. We check the dressing rooms and get Wrench to pick the lock to Cord’s room to see what we will be dealing with. We get in and there is the theatre manager in the room. Wrench talks his way out of the manager calling the authorities, but unfortunately he has to take the place of the juggling act. He will be onstage in three hours.

Jackson wanders around with the doc and he tries to chat her up but fails repeatedly. He ends up telling her a bit about himself instead. We run into each other and see him with a beautiful woman. She introduces herself as Faye and that she doctored him up. A man walks past and places a paper with the new headlining act Chuckles Johnson the juggling comedian. Wrench feels nervous. Jackson tells us he got shot when he went to go get a package. He also tells them she is following Jackson since he is more likely to catch Rad Rash.

We go back to checking out Cord’s room and start to come up with a plan. Since we have a doctor on board and Cord and his people may be suffering from Food Poisoning we figure it will give us an easy in to the room. She agrees to help for a share. The theatre manager comes and gets us and tells Wrench he has to stay in the room until show time. We tell him that he lost his outfit and the manager comes up with a genie costume. Right at 6 we hear Cord arrive and then get a package from Dragonovich that says the cheese tray has been delivered. We hear a commotion outside and see other acts preparing. The manager asks if Chuckles wants to come on first or second. He says second so he goes on at 740-750. Then Cord comes on stage at 8.

We listen to Cord and he talks about who gets to sit on his lap. A minute later we finish hearing wet slapping sounds and then he asks for food. Then it is time for Chuckles to go on stage. He fails his juggling and then pratfalls. He goes into his act and does fairly well for a beginner while he makes fun of Cord on stage and gets fifty fifty results. The manager is trying to get him to stop but he just barrels on. After he gets off the stage one of Cords girls grabs him and escorts him into the room with Cord. Cord isn’t looking too good and throws up a few times and makes sure that Johnson will not work in this town again. He is told to go to the dressing room and stay there. He does with minimal arguing. We continue to listen to Cord and he is quite sick. The manager comes in the room and asks for another act since Cord is too sick to perform. The doctor goes and knocks on the door. She offers him sedation and medication. He accepts and she applies a sedative and he falls asleep. They call ahead and get the copter ready and they have ten minutes until it is ready. We send the doc back in to give sedatives to the girls but they refuse treatment. We are starting to plan and then Stormy (one of Cords girls) ask for our help to move him and we plan to take his finger while we move him. Wrap gets the finger and we move him into the vertabird and then the two pilots start freaking out. They notice that his hand is missing the finger and then the girls start yelling. Coyote jumps in the vertabird and pulls Cord’s fat ass on top of him. Jackson yells out not to shoot.

The doctor and chuckles make a beeline to the hallway to get out of the way. The girls run toward the plane and Stormy jumps in with me. The other two get behind Jackson and tell him not to move and threaten coyote that he needs to get out or they will shoot Jackson. Faye moves up behind one of the girls and prepares to sedate them. The two girls seem a bit scared and Stormy has a thousand yard stare. Wrap starts taunting Stormy with the finger and she jumps out and clocks him with her gun butt. Coyote fires to get the attention of the security. The girls execute some protocol that makes security protect the casino employees. One of the girls goes to shoot Jackson and her gun explodes in her hand. Stormy tries to hit Wrap and fails but Wrap stabs her with his knife causing a lot of damage. Coyote shoots Stormy in the head and drops her instantly. The security bot tries to flamer Wrench but misses. The remaining girl tries to shoot Jackson but misses. Wrap rolls up to her and stabs her. Jackson takes a shot at her. Coyote blows open the lock in the vertabird. The security robot moves toward Wrench again (who is hiding behind Faye) and it misses horribly. The copilot points a gun at Coyote. Wrench runs for the vertabird and jumps in. Faye gets in the vertabird as well. The remaining girl takes a shot at Wrap and deals a good bit of damage. Wrap returns the favor and stabs her again killing her. Coyote tells the pilots that all they have to do is fly us out of here and they can go. Jackson jumps in the vertabird. The pilots take off and try to roll the copter but only get it partially off. The employees of the casino open fire so the pilots decide to play along and get us out of there.

The security bot grabbed the landing gear so we make a low flyby of a building but they make it too short and take off the landing gear. So we hover around while Wrap goes in and takes care of business. He returns to us with our money. We head back to Broken Steel after picking up Schmitty. The radio for new reno says that there was a huge attack and Cord was kidnapped and the assistants were killed. We turn back and head to Newton to try and trade the vertabird for a car. We put the caps in Jacksons backpack and then land the bird on a makeshift helipad in Newton. It looks like the whole town showed up. A guy knocks and calls some of us by name. We open the door and head out. None of us have any idea who this guy is but we follow. As we leave the people pull Cord out of the vertabird. We follow this guy into a guarded area and he says his name is Bip. Inside the room is a raider with T51 powered armor but only pieces of it. He closes the door behind us and turns to face us and it is Phil, the man who gave us the job. He says that that went well and now we can talk about our next job.



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