Fallout PnP: The Ballad of Hopkins & Scott

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Coyote shoots the glass out of the way and the team then grabs and pulls their way out along with the Sheep and Mrs. Herd. Herd tells us that we are in the maintenance tunnels and if we go through this room it’ll bring us towards the front door. Wrap goes ahead and checks to see if the guys have already gotten past us and if we can go ahead. He sees the tribals with the energy weapons a little ahead of us. There are eight or so he sees. We decide to wait until they have the elevator fixed and get past us and we can drop the elevator. The sheep are waiting at the door and are on the edge of panic but Mrs. Herd is keeping them still. We send them off first while the tribals are hammering at the door. She then tries to get the power so that she can control the elevator. She accidentally activates the self-destruct and the door tries to close but the opening is now at the top of the door. Coyote wraps some canvas around his hands to protect them while he tries to jump up the jagged door. He makes it and ties the rope off to the vault symbol on the door. Mrs. Herd tries to climb up while the tribals in the other room are screaming for help. Coyote is asking her where the button to let them out is but she refuses. He pulls a knife to the rope to threaten her but she drops off and the sheep start to threaten us for hurting their leader. Coyote drops on her and makes a run to the control room while Wrench and Jackson try to get the ring off her and silence her.

Jackson’s pipboy starts playing some religious music and Herd becomes very cooperative. She gives us the code and starts to climb out. Everyone gets out and Jackson pulls up the rope, Coyote just makes a run for the door as it opens so that he can get out. The tribals run for their cars and escape as Coyote makes the typical movie run for the door. Big Explosions!!
The sheep are praising us as saviors as we make it out. Wrench starts to tell them some advice and they begin to praise him as the savior. Herd tells us that we need to go back to Sandy Flats and get the ring we sold from Minnesota Mississippi and we send the sheep to Sandy Flats and head to Sandy Flats once our batteries dry. We arrive at Sandy Flats and head to Schmitty’s place (the blacksmith) and he is talking to one of the tribals. The Tribal is trying to buy the ring from Schmitty on the orders of Poof (the guy in the armor apparently). Schmitty is not selling to the tribal and it looks like not to us either. Our Schmitty comes up and asks if he can cut a deal for us. They go in the back and work out a deal, the proposal is that one of us (Wrench) has to fight the tribal guy and whoever wins gets the ring. Coyote and the Doc figure out they can give Wrench some BufOut to boost his chances slightly to win.

The Doc and Wrap get to go in to ringside while Jackson and Coyote get front row seats. A cage is lowered into the cage and other patrons tell us that if they don’t finish the fight in five minutes the other cage is opened. The fight starts and the tribal tries to climb the cage to get out and gets shocked and falls. Wrench hits him while he is down but then the tribal tries to climb out again but without going to the exit. Wrench jumps up and grabs the guy again and they fall to the ground. The fight moves on while the guy tries to keep running. The box opens and inside is a present with two cards and the announcement comes on that they have 30 seconds to get to the present read the card and open the present. Wrench smashes the tribal guy’s (Blamo) face into the ring and runs to the present. He gets there and reads the card, which says a new challenger approaches. It’s the Mutant that beat up Jackson, Mongo. Blamo rolls into the ring and Mongo smashes Blamo’s head clean off. The fight bell rings and a winner is declared. The crowd starts chanting for a continuation of the fight. The fight is called and all bets go to anyone that bet on the champ but no one knew except the coordinators. We get the ring and Wrench puts it on. Schmitty gets us rooms at the hotel for the evening. We talk to Herd and figure we have two rings, Phil has four. We try to plan what to do, Herd says he must be at the Vault already.

She says we should head to the vault and surprise him since he won’t expect an attack. She doesn’t know where the seventh ring is located but we would have to go to the Vault to find out anyway. We start to make plans and Herd comes in and Jackson’s pipboy starts with the religious music and Herd drifts off again. Once it cuts off she says it isn’t a problem getting in she knows the way and we can get there in a half a day and a few hours. We ask about the pipboy and Herd goes ahead and fixes his pipboy. It had a tracking bug on it and a listening bug. Phil tries to give us a deal for 24000 caps for both rings if we bring them in to him. A third voice comes across the pipboy and says there is another way if we go through the shadow land and walk through the wall. Sal from Broken Steel calls and tells us to come back, they are under attack. We call Phil up and tell him we are on our way to get him. Then we head out to Broken Steel. Our schmitty asks what is going on and we tell him we are headed for Broken Steel since they are under attack. Schmitty runs off and grabs other Schmitty, the midget, a guy we don’t know and Mongo. We follow on our way.

We get to the town and it is all smouldering and burning. We see a shadowy figure on a rock outside of town, its Sal. We head up to him and he seems to have lost it since everyone and everything is gone. Sal tells us to get vengeance and then shoots himself. Sal has a note in his hand that says, “Are you coming to get me now, Phil – Ps check your watch”. Jackson checks his pipboy and he sees a seven day countdown. Meanwhile Doc looks around and sees the midget looking weird, shaking and about to snap. Schmitty is walking to the ashes and the midget pulls a knife and chases after Schmitty. Coyote grabs a rock and throws it knocking the midget down. He then goes and holds down the midget asking what is going on. He seems to come out of it but doesn’t remember doing it. Doc notices that Mongo is starting to act the same and Coyote and Wrap run toward Schmitty while the others back away. After Jackson backs away Wrench realizes that something about the pipboy is affecting them. Coyote helps Schmitty look for something. Herd looks over Jackson and realizes that he has the FEV virus and that any mutated people in the area will piss them off. It seems to have happened just since the countdown started. Schmitty goes down and gets into the Broken Steel Armoury. We head down and Schmitty asks what Sal told us about Broken Steel. We tell him nothing and then he gets a retinal scan and it says welcome back Col. Smith. An elevator comes and eight turrets pop out and he walks in and gives a voice identification. A giant powered armor comes out and Col. Smith says hello Paladin and welcome to the Brotherhood of Steel.



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