Fallout PnP: The Ballad of Hopkins & Scott

The Shepard's Vault

Guy in armor is sitting there saying nothing while a vid screen sort of working with the image and voice of Mr.Phil. He says discretion is not really one of our strong points. He tells us that he has some jobs for us. He needs us to kill Ms.Herd, then the screen cuts off when Jackson tries to fix it. Coyote steps up and fixes it. Mr.Phil continues as if nothing had happened and offers us 12000 caps. We accept when the chieftain guy in the room motions us to take it. We have 48 hours to complete the job.

The chieftain guy looks at us and tells us we are screwed. He offers us the info we will need for a cut of the 12000. He gives us back the Canyonaro with all our gear inside. We agree to the info for 2000 caps. He takes us inside and rolls out a map with newtown and new reno and off to the side a place called rolling green. Herd is there, it’s a miniature golf thing with a leader of fanatics, outside a vault door. The fanatics are about to close up and seal themselves inside. Our objective is to get a ring from her (most likely with a picture again).

It is a half a days walk to the vault or we can drive. The vault has minimal security but during the day they send out people to recruit others for the cult. Night time looks like a good time to go. Mr.Phil had swept through the town a few days before hiring the town and taking weapons and ammo. We head out in the Canyonaro after Faye takes a look at Schmitty’s wounds. She takes some time to get him set for healing and gets him healed. We pack up and head out to Sandy Flats to get some ammo and all.

So Wrap, Coyote, and Faye head in to town while Wrench and Jackson watch the car. Jackson decides to go ahead and go to the blacksmith to see about getting the sword that the blacksmith had. He has to fight the town champ to get a chance to win it from him. Turns out the champ is a Supermutant and during the fight he is just playing with Jackson. The Supermutant wins easily. We head back to the blacksmith who is laughing at Jackson for failing at the fight. He buys the sword but it is only a steel sword not the adamantine sword he thought. He gets ripped off and just shakes his head. We make our purchases and Faye gets us a nice discount since she’s so pretty.
We get some stuff to make our own Healing Powder and then head out back on the road to get to Rolling Green. We get there in a few hours and decide to head on in. Wrap goes ahead and sneaks ahead. We head in and go downstairs and get to where the vault door is off its hinges. We get in and Jackson leads us forward to the overseer’s office which is lit by torches. In the office is 8 people sitting in a triangle murmuring to one another. Jackson advances and asks to see Herd. They stand and advance asking Sheep or Wolf. He says Sheep since his PipBoy earlier sparked up again and said Phil is lying, salvation is with the shepard. They lead us in and introduce us to Ms.Herd that is glad to see us since we arrive before the sealing of the vault and the arrival of the shepard. Four more acolytes arrive in the room. They say they have completed what she asks. She begins to move toward the elevator and gets the other acolytes into the elevator with her. We go ahead and enter the elevator and head down. The elevator opens and they begin to exit. Coyote pushes himself against the wall to stay in, and the rest of the group moves around to avoid getting pushed out. Wrap gets singled out as a wolf and she tells them that she has to bring the wolves back upstairs. She stops the elevator and we ask about the ring and Phil. She freaks out and almost drops the elevator. We go back to the office and try to talk to her about. She asks how many rings we have gotten, and we tell her one. She says he has four. There are only three of them left and she is one of them. She says Goddamit Dad but tells anyway since Phil is breaking the rules. A screen pops up with Vaulttech 109. She is a fifth generation vaulttech child in a vault with a huge cavern in seven sections. There is no overseer room in hers, each group was designed for regeneration of the human race. The groups had to vote on an overseer but they fought. Her group was pacifist, exploration, science, militaristic, entertainment, math, and a mystery for the last. Turns out Minnasota Mississippi was one of them and his ring was a real one. They tried to put the religious order in charge at first but the assets were determined by the votes. The groups splintered and fractured and the vote for the overseer goes every 10 years. Something happened early and the vault opened early. The last seven people were the holders of the rings. The vault was by New Reno in an area known as the dead zone but no one usually goes there.

Turning the ring and becoming the overseer locks that person into the vault for ten years. She pulls up a camera and on it is Bip and crew with plasma weaponry. Coyote tells her to just drop the door on the guys. The door kills three of the five and Coyote takes out the other two. The down side is that more are coming after and we decide to run to the elevator. We head down and then she drops the elevator down. We head to the pool and begin to get ready to dive and go through one of the hidden ways through the vault. We head down the slide to escape and we end in a tank with a spinning turbine at the bottom.



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