Fallout PnP: The Ballad of Hopkins & Scott

Viva Casino

Our first fight with ghouls goes a little worse than planned. We kill one but then get overwhelmed and leave in a hurry. We head out to get a few things to help. We head over to Hurrymart and pick up some gear. Meanwhile Jackson gets a call from Sal about where his truck is and we end up telling him Newton and he hangs up on us. We buy a few things and then head back to the garage. Sal called us and told us he was sending help. The help shows up at the garage and introduces himself as Wrap. We then head back down into the garage. The door is relocked and the Ghoul is talking to us and after Wrench talks to him a bit we find out why he is there.

He tells us that he needs to stay there because the generator is leaking and providing power for the building. So we head back to Smiling Jacks and give him the proposal and he agrees to come back to talk to the ghoul. We head back and talk to the ghoul with Smiling Jack and they come to a deal. We head down and then remove the bulbs for him and turn on the generators. Smiling Jack stays up to his end of the deal and will give us a ride to the casino tomorrow.

We go have a few drinks and then head to a hotel for the evening. We head in and Wrap goes to sleep in the tub and gets attacked by a Rad Roach and kills it. We sleep and then head into the casino with Smiling Jack. Once inside we start to try to figure a way to the penthouse. We remember that the owner of the casino is Mr. Dragonovich and we ask to send a message to him. In return he sends us a box of chips for me to become a high roller for the casino to give us a room or a way to the penthouse. Coyote heads to the high roller area and get sent to a curtained area and meets with Mr. Draconovich. They discuss the possibility of ending the association with Mr. Cord. They come to an understanding about things and he gives Coyote an envelope with room tickets, and all access passes to the comp stuff in the casino. The new plan is to hit him in his dressing room after the show, his guards will unfortunately be ill from eating some bad wine and cheese. While Coyote relays the plan to the guys, Jackson heads down to the delivery area to receive a package from Sal. Turns out he has to kill a man named George and his attempt to do so alerts security to the gunfire.



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