Str 5
Perception 5
Endurance 5
Charisma 1
Intelligence 4
Agility 11
Luck 10


Growing up in the circus is not as fun as it sounds. Mostly its a lot of hard work, practice, and trying to not get molested by someone.
Coyote grew up in Ma Gertrude’s Traveling Circus. As a young boy he had to pull his weight or get nothing to eat (or worse left behind). Not being a very talkative guy he knew being a barker was out of the question. So he turned his eye to anything that would put him in the show. He tried a number of things and discovered he was good with anything athletic, but he excelled at things that required a high degree of dexterity and accuracy.

He apprenticed under the circus’ trick shooter, Sniper Dale, and quickly became an expert gunman. People would come from all around to watch Coyote make these wildly outrageous shots and he did well for himself. Unfortunately he grew bored and turned to gambling with other members of the circus and with some rich and amoral patrons. His luck was good until one day he started to lose. He lost and lost until all he had left were the clothes on his back, the ammo in his pocket and his gun. He had to decide right then what was most important to him. His mentor had given him that gun and he knew he couldn’t part with it. It was like an old friend. So he walked away from the table.

His losses gambling started to affect his confidence and he started missing shots. Eventually Ma Gertrude told him that he had better aim better or get out. An argument ensued and he left. He traveled around on what little money he had and what he could earn from gambling. He eventually made it to Broken Steel with nothing but the clothes he was wearing, his gun and two bullets. Sal took him in after recognizing who it was and started to give him missions. He got paired up with a few yahoos and things quickly became interesting.


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