Fallout PnP: The Ballad of Hopkins & Scott

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

Coyote shoots the glass out of the way and the team then grabs and pulls their way out along with the Sheep and Mrs. Herd. Herd tells us that we are in the maintenance tunnels and if we go through this room it’ll bring us towards the front door. Wrap goes ahead and checks to see if the guys have already gotten past us and if we can go ahead. He sees the tribals with the energy weapons a little ahead of us. There are eight or so he sees. We decide to wait until they have the elevator fixed and get past us and we can drop the elevator. The sheep are waiting at the door and are on the edge of panic but Mrs. Herd is keeping them still. We send them off first while the tribals are hammering at the door. She then tries to get the power so that she can control the elevator. She accidentally activates the self-destruct and the door tries to close but the opening is now at the top of the door. Coyote wraps some canvas around his hands to protect them while he tries to jump up the jagged door. He makes it and ties the rope off to the vault symbol on the door. Mrs. Herd tries to climb up while the tribals in the other room are screaming for help. Coyote is asking her where the button to let them out is but she refuses. He pulls a knife to the rope to threaten her but she drops off and the sheep start to threaten us for hurting their leader. Coyote drops on her and makes a run to the control room while Wrench and Jackson try to get the ring off her and silence her.

Jackson’s pipboy starts playing some religious music and Herd becomes very cooperative. She gives us the code and starts to climb out. Everyone gets out and Jackson pulls up the rope, Coyote just makes a run for the door as it opens so that he can get out. The tribals run for their cars and escape as Coyote makes the typical movie run for the door. Big Explosions!!
The sheep are praising us as saviors as we make it out. Wrench starts to tell them some advice and they begin to praise him as the savior. Herd tells us that we need to go back to Sandy Flats and get the ring we sold from Minnesota Mississippi and we send the sheep to Sandy Flats and head to Sandy Flats once our batteries dry. We arrive at Sandy Flats and head to Schmitty’s place (the blacksmith) and he is talking to one of the tribals. The Tribal is trying to buy the ring from Schmitty on the orders of Poof (the guy in the armor apparently). Schmitty is not selling to the tribal and it looks like not to us either. Our Schmitty comes up and asks if he can cut a deal for us. They go in the back and work out a deal, the proposal is that one of us (Wrench) has to fight the tribal guy and whoever wins gets the ring. Coyote and the Doc figure out they can give Wrench some BufOut to boost his chances slightly to win.

The Doc and Wrap get to go in to ringside while Jackson and Coyote get front row seats. A cage is lowered into the cage and other patrons tell us that if they don’t finish the fight in five minutes the other cage is opened. The fight starts and the tribal tries to climb the cage to get out and gets shocked and falls. Wrench hits him while he is down but then the tribal tries to climb out again but without going to the exit. Wrench jumps up and grabs the guy again and they fall to the ground. The fight moves on while the guy tries to keep running. The box opens and inside is a present with two cards and the announcement comes on that they have 30 seconds to get to the present read the card and open the present. Wrench smashes the tribal guy’s (Blamo) face into the ring and runs to the present. He gets there and reads the card, which says a new challenger approaches. It’s the Mutant that beat up Jackson, Mongo. Blamo rolls into the ring and Mongo smashes Blamo’s head clean off. The fight bell rings and a winner is declared. The crowd starts chanting for a continuation of the fight. The fight is called and all bets go to anyone that bet on the champ but no one knew except the coordinators. We get the ring and Wrench puts it on. Schmitty gets us rooms at the hotel for the evening. We talk to Herd and figure we have two rings, Phil has four. We try to plan what to do, Herd says he must be at the Vault already.

She says we should head to the vault and surprise him since he won’t expect an attack. She doesn’t know where the seventh ring is located but we would have to go to the Vault to find out anyway. We start to make plans and Herd comes in and Jackson’s pipboy starts with the religious music and Herd drifts off again. Once it cuts off she says it isn’t a problem getting in she knows the way and we can get there in a half a day and a few hours. We ask about the pipboy and Herd goes ahead and fixes his pipboy. It had a tracking bug on it and a listening bug. Phil tries to give us a deal for 24000 caps for both rings if we bring them in to him. A third voice comes across the pipboy and says there is another way if we go through the shadow land and walk through the wall. Sal from Broken Steel calls and tells us to come back, they are under attack. We call Phil up and tell him we are on our way to get him. Then we head out to Broken Steel. Our schmitty asks what is going on and we tell him we are headed for Broken Steel since they are under attack. Schmitty runs off and grabs other Schmitty, the midget, a guy we don’t know and Mongo. We follow on our way.

We get to the town and it is all smouldering and burning. We see a shadowy figure on a rock outside of town, its Sal. We head up to him and he seems to have lost it since everyone and everything is gone. Sal tells us to get vengeance and then shoots himself. Sal has a note in his hand that says, “Are you coming to get me now, Phil – Ps check your watch”. Jackson checks his pipboy and he sees a seven day countdown. Meanwhile Doc looks around and sees the midget looking weird, shaking and about to snap. Schmitty is walking to the ashes and the midget pulls a knife and chases after Schmitty. Coyote grabs a rock and throws it knocking the midget down. He then goes and holds down the midget asking what is going on. He seems to come out of it but doesn’t remember doing it. Doc notices that Mongo is starting to act the same and Coyote and Wrap run toward Schmitty while the others back away. After Jackson backs away Wrench realizes that something about the pipboy is affecting them. Coyote helps Schmitty look for something. Herd looks over Jackson and realizes that he has the FEV virus and that any mutated people in the area will piss them off. It seems to have happened just since the countdown started. Schmitty goes down and gets into the Broken Steel Armoury. We head down and Schmitty asks what Sal told us about Broken Steel. We tell him nothing and then he gets a retinal scan and it says welcome back Col. Smith. An elevator comes and eight turrets pop out and he walks in and gives a voice identification. A giant powered armor comes out and Col. Smith says hello Paladin and welcome to the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Shepard's Vault

Guy in armor is sitting there saying nothing while a vid screen sort of working with the image and voice of Mr.Phil. He says discretion is not really one of our strong points. He tells us that he has some jobs for us. He needs us to kill Ms.Herd, then the screen cuts off when Jackson tries to fix it. Coyote steps up and fixes it. Mr.Phil continues as if nothing had happened and offers us 12000 caps. We accept when the chieftain guy in the room motions us to take it. We have 48 hours to complete the job.

The chieftain guy looks at us and tells us we are screwed. He offers us the info we will need for a cut of the 12000. He gives us back the Canyonaro with all our gear inside. We agree to the info for 2000 caps. He takes us inside and rolls out a map with newtown and new reno and off to the side a place called rolling green. Herd is there, it’s a miniature golf thing with a leader of fanatics, outside a vault door. The fanatics are about to close up and seal themselves inside. Our objective is to get a ring from her (most likely with a picture again).

It is a half a days walk to the vault or we can drive. The vault has minimal security but during the day they send out people to recruit others for the cult. Night time looks like a good time to go. Mr.Phil had swept through the town a few days before hiring the town and taking weapons and ammo. We head out in the Canyonaro after Faye takes a look at Schmitty’s wounds. She takes some time to get him set for healing and gets him healed. We pack up and head out to Sandy Flats to get some ammo and all.

So Wrap, Coyote, and Faye head in to town while Wrench and Jackson watch the car. Jackson decides to go ahead and go to the blacksmith to see about getting the sword that the blacksmith had. He has to fight the town champ to get a chance to win it from him. Turns out the champ is a Supermutant and during the fight he is just playing with Jackson. The Supermutant wins easily. We head back to the blacksmith who is laughing at Jackson for failing at the fight. He buys the sword but it is only a steel sword not the adamantine sword he thought. He gets ripped off and just shakes his head. We make our purchases and Faye gets us a nice discount since she’s so pretty.
We get some stuff to make our own Healing Powder and then head out back on the road to get to Rolling Green. We get there in a few hours and decide to head on in. Wrap goes ahead and sneaks ahead. We head in and go downstairs and get to where the vault door is off its hinges. We get in and Jackson leads us forward to the overseer’s office which is lit by torches. In the office is 8 people sitting in a triangle murmuring to one another. Jackson advances and asks to see Herd. They stand and advance asking Sheep or Wolf. He says Sheep since his PipBoy earlier sparked up again and said Phil is lying, salvation is with the shepard. They lead us in and introduce us to Ms.Herd that is glad to see us since we arrive before the sealing of the vault and the arrival of the shepard. Four more acolytes arrive in the room. They say they have completed what she asks. She begins to move toward the elevator and gets the other acolytes into the elevator with her. We go ahead and enter the elevator and head down. The elevator opens and they begin to exit. Coyote pushes himself against the wall to stay in, and the rest of the group moves around to avoid getting pushed out. Wrap gets singled out as a wolf and she tells them that she has to bring the wolves back upstairs. She stops the elevator and we ask about the ring and Phil. She freaks out and almost drops the elevator. We go back to the office and try to talk to her about. She asks how many rings we have gotten, and we tell her one. She says he has four. There are only three of them left and she is one of them. She says Goddamit Dad but tells anyway since Phil is breaking the rules. A screen pops up with Vaulttech 109. She is a fifth generation vaulttech child in a vault with a huge cavern in seven sections. There is no overseer room in hers, each group was designed for regeneration of the human race. The groups had to vote on an overseer but they fought. Her group was pacifist, exploration, science, militaristic, entertainment, math, and a mystery for the last. Turns out Minnasota Mississippi was one of them and his ring was a real one. They tried to put the religious order in charge at first but the assets were determined by the votes. The groups splintered and fractured and the vote for the overseer goes every 10 years. Something happened early and the vault opened early. The last seven people were the holders of the rings. The vault was by New Reno in an area known as the dead zone but no one usually goes there.

Turning the ring and becoming the overseer locks that person into the vault for ten years. She pulls up a camera and on it is Bip and crew with plasma weaponry. Coyote tells her to just drop the door on the guys. The door kills three of the five and Coyote takes out the other two. The down side is that more are coming after and we decide to run to the elevator. We head down and then she drops the elevator down. We head to the pool and begin to get ready to dive and go through one of the hidden ways through the vault. We head down the slide to escape and we end in a tank with a spinning turbine at the bottom.

Job Well... Completed

Jackson decides to holster his weapon and say that he just wants to ask the guy a question. The guy takes another shot at him. Jackson says no don’t shoot I just want to ask a question. He gets shot at again and then asks for help from the robots since he is getting shot at. The robots move forward towards the man in the truck and unleash with flamers into the cab leaving him as a crispy fried critter. The robots then ask Jackson to follow them to medical so he can be given healing. They lead him to the medical area with an auto doc or waiting fifteen minutes and decides to wait. The doc shows up and heals him up then tells him that she has to follow him around since he is at risk for Red Rash.

Meanwhile Coyote uses his all access pass to check out the stage and dressing room area to have an idea of what they will be up against in a few hours. We check the dressing rooms and get Wrench to pick the lock to Cord’s room to see what we will be dealing with. We get in and there is the theatre manager in the room. Wrench talks his way out of the manager calling the authorities, but unfortunately he has to take the place of the juggling act. He will be onstage in three hours.

Jackson wanders around with the doc and he tries to chat her up but fails repeatedly. He ends up telling her a bit about himself instead. We run into each other and see him with a beautiful woman. She introduces herself as Faye and that she doctored him up. A man walks past and places a paper with the new headlining act Chuckles Johnson the juggling comedian. Wrench feels nervous. Jackson tells us he got shot when he went to go get a package. He also tells them she is following Jackson since he is more likely to catch Rad Rash.

We go back to checking out Cord’s room and start to come up with a plan. Since we have a doctor on board and Cord and his people may be suffering from Food Poisoning we figure it will give us an easy in to the room. She agrees to help for a share. The theatre manager comes and gets us and tells Wrench he has to stay in the room until show time. We tell him that he lost his outfit and the manager comes up with a genie costume. Right at 6 we hear Cord arrive and then get a package from Dragonovich that says the cheese tray has been delivered. We hear a commotion outside and see other acts preparing. The manager asks if Chuckles wants to come on first or second. He says second so he goes on at 740-750. Then Cord comes on stage at 8.

We listen to Cord and he talks about who gets to sit on his lap. A minute later we finish hearing wet slapping sounds and then he asks for food. Then it is time for Chuckles to go on stage. He fails his juggling and then pratfalls. He goes into his act and does fairly well for a beginner while he makes fun of Cord on stage and gets fifty fifty results. The manager is trying to get him to stop but he just barrels on. After he gets off the stage one of Cords girls grabs him and escorts him into the room with Cord. Cord isn’t looking too good and throws up a few times and makes sure that Johnson will not work in this town again. He is told to go to the dressing room and stay there. He does with minimal arguing. We continue to listen to Cord and he is quite sick. The manager comes in the room and asks for another act since Cord is too sick to perform. The doctor goes and knocks on the door. She offers him sedation and medication. He accepts and she applies a sedative and he falls asleep. They call ahead and get the copter ready and they have ten minutes until it is ready. We send the doc back in to give sedatives to the girls but they refuse treatment. We are starting to plan and then Stormy (one of Cords girls) ask for our help to move him and we plan to take his finger while we move him. Wrap gets the finger and we move him into the vertabird and then the two pilots start freaking out. They notice that his hand is missing the finger and then the girls start yelling. Coyote jumps in the vertabird and pulls Cord’s fat ass on top of him. Jackson yells out not to shoot.

The doctor and chuckles make a beeline to the hallway to get out of the way. The girls run toward the plane and Stormy jumps in with me. The other two get behind Jackson and tell him not to move and threaten coyote that he needs to get out or they will shoot Jackson. Faye moves up behind one of the girls and prepares to sedate them. The two girls seem a bit scared and Stormy has a thousand yard stare. Wrap starts taunting Stormy with the finger and she jumps out and clocks him with her gun butt. Coyote fires to get the attention of the security. The girls execute some protocol that makes security protect the casino employees. One of the girls goes to shoot Jackson and her gun explodes in her hand. Stormy tries to hit Wrap and fails but Wrap stabs her with his knife causing a lot of damage. Coyote shoots Stormy in the head and drops her instantly. The security bot tries to flamer Wrench but misses. The remaining girl tries to shoot Jackson but misses. Wrap rolls up to her and stabs her. Jackson takes a shot at her. Coyote blows open the lock in the vertabird. The security robot moves toward Wrench again (who is hiding behind Faye) and it misses horribly. The copilot points a gun at Coyote. Wrench runs for the vertabird and jumps in. Faye gets in the vertabird as well. The remaining girl takes a shot at Wrap and deals a good bit of damage. Wrap returns the favor and stabs her again killing her. Coyote tells the pilots that all they have to do is fly us out of here and they can go. Jackson jumps in the vertabird. The pilots take off and try to roll the copter but only get it partially off. The employees of the casino open fire so the pilots decide to play along and get us out of there.

The security bot grabbed the landing gear so we make a low flyby of a building but they make it too short and take off the landing gear. So we hover around while Wrap goes in and takes care of business. He returns to us with our money. We head back to Broken Steel after picking up Schmitty. The radio for new reno says that there was a huge attack and Cord was kidnapped and the assistants were killed. We turn back and head to Newton to try and trade the vertabird for a car. We put the caps in Jacksons backpack and then land the bird on a makeshift helipad in Newton. It looks like the whole town showed up. A guy knocks and calls some of us by name. We open the door and head out. None of us have any idea who this guy is but we follow. As we leave the people pull Cord out of the vertabird. We follow this guy into a guarded area and he says his name is Bip. Inside the room is a raider with T51 powered armor but only pieces of it. He closes the door behind us and turns to face us and it is Phil, the man who gave us the job. He says that that went well and now we can talk about our next job.

Viva Casino

Our first fight with ghouls goes a little worse than planned. We kill one but then get overwhelmed and leave in a hurry. We head out to get a few things to help. We head over to Hurrymart and pick up some gear. Meanwhile Jackson gets a call from Sal about where his truck is and we end up telling him Newton and he hangs up on us. We buy a few things and then head back to the garage. Sal called us and told us he was sending help. The help shows up at the garage and introduces himself as Wrap. We then head back down into the garage. The door is relocked and the Ghoul is talking to us and after Wrench talks to him a bit we find out why he is there.

He tells us that he needs to stay there because the generator is leaking and providing power for the building. So we head back to Smiling Jacks and give him the proposal and he agrees to come back to talk to the ghoul. We head back and talk to the ghoul with Smiling Jack and they come to a deal. We head down and then remove the bulbs for him and turn on the generators. Smiling Jack stays up to his end of the deal and will give us a ride to the casino tomorrow.

We go have a few drinks and then head to a hotel for the evening. We head in and Wrap goes to sleep in the tub and gets attacked by a Rad Roach and kills it. We sleep and then head into the casino with Smiling Jack. Once inside we start to try to figure a way to the penthouse. We remember that the owner of the casino is Mr. Dragonovich and we ask to send a message to him. In return he sends us a box of chips for me to become a high roller for the casino to give us a room or a way to the penthouse. Coyote heads to the high roller area and get sent to a curtained area and meets with Mr. Draconovich. They discuss the possibility of ending the association with Mr. Cord. They come to an understanding about things and he gives Coyote an envelope with room tickets, and all access passes to the comp stuff in the casino. The new plan is to hit him in his dressing room after the show, his guards will unfortunately be ill from eating some bad wine and cheese. While Coyote relays the plan to the guys, Jackson heads down to the delivery area to receive a package from Sal. Turns out he has to kill a man named George and his attempt to do so alerts security to the gunfire.

Hate and Loathing in New Reno

Reno job – Retrieval for client. Schmitty is driving for us. Client specifically asks for us. They will tell us what we will be retrieving when we get there. We take the Canyonaro to get there after seeing Sal’s wife, Tawny, for basic gear. We get a vehicle repair kit, standard rations, healing powder one each, two antivenom doses.

Sandy Flats – Schmitty’s smith shop, eddie wants a wakasasi made of adamantine. Has to find 2 sets of claws. Canyonaro gets stolen from us when we bring Schmitty to the Doctor.

We get to New Reno and meet with Mr.Phil. A family heirloom was taken from him. He wants us to get it, it is Held by Mr. Cord at the Northern Lights Casino and it is a ring with diamonds and a monogram CP. Cord is a wanted man for espionage for 200 caps and a kill order with no repercussions. He gives us a black box with a laser to remove the ring. He also gives us an old timey camera to take a shot to prove it is the real ring. Cord has three body guards with handguns and a blond girl on his arm. We need to get a car to get in northern lights.

We meet with Smiling Jack at the car dealership and he offers us free ride and some caps if we go to the car park and turn it back on for him. It will require us going down to the basement and priming the turbine 3 times then flipping the switch. We go downstairs and smell old death in here. Eddie turns his flashlight on and we start to enter. Suddenly there is a glowing that lightens up the room and we see 6 ghouls.

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