1. Shady Springs
  2. Sandy Flats
  3. New Reno
  4. Newtown

Shady Springs

Shady springs

North and west of Sandy flat is the mining town of Shady Springs. Shady Springs mines gold for shipment to Reno and the NCR, and the miners are some of the largest consumers of Reno’s drugs. The actual town of Shady Springs lies a few miles to the east, but is abandoned. The mining town is a collection of wooden buildings, and can be a wild and wooly place. There is no real police force to speak of, and the mining companies deal with internal disputes. A Sheriff exists, but mainly works as a mediator between different mining companies. Each company has its own mine, and some own various casinos, hotels, and brothels. Shady Springs has also been avoiding the influence of the NCR, although there are elements in town that strongly favor joining, if just to get rid of the rampant drug problem. 2000 people live in Shady Springs, and most of them are miners. Radiation levels in Shady Springs
are low.

In recent months, an outsider has moved in and found a creative way to combat the drug problem with the miners, offer a better job. Broken Steel Mercenaries set up in a warehouse on the outskirts of town with some elbow grease, some blood, sweat, and tears, and one of the largest arrays of weaponry this side of the canyon. Sal, the owner, set up shop and offered work and dollars to anyone handy with a weapon and shies away from the drugs. It gave the miners in the town a choice that they welcomed. The town lies a bit too far out of the Mordellos reach to risk a land war, but as long as

Sandy Flats

Sandy flats

New Reno

Flag nv

Built on the ruins of “The Biggest Little City in the World,” New Reno is a town run by gangsters and drug dealers. Although the New California Republic has been trying hard to convince New Reno to join, the lack of central government and potential loss of profits from the drug trade have prevented them from doing so. Four crime families control New Reno: the Mordinos, the Wrights, the Bishops, and the Salvatores. The Salvatores control the illegal weapons trade, the Mordinos control drugs, the Bishops deal with prostitution and the pornography industry, while the Wrights try to grab whatever is left. Reno is truly a pit of a city, with glitzy neon signs advertising sex, drugs, and rock and roll everywhere. It also serves as a base for the Slavers Guild. Caravans come here to load up on drugs to sell illegally to the NCR and other towns. Without any police at all, Reno exists in a state of near anarchy, although a street-smart person could do very well here, especially if they found work with one of the crime families. Gun shops are well stocked, and several black market shops sell things that you can’t find anywhere else. It is rumored that the Salvatores even have a supply of laser or plasma weapons. It is estimated that 8000 people populate the area. Radiation levels in and around New Reno are low.

Tucked away in New Reno is the crown jewel of the casinos, the Northern Lights. Controlled by the Bishop family, they allow Mr. Dragonovich to run the place any way he sees fit, as long as it’s profitable. The money has not stopped rolling since the addition of the smash hit, “Mr. Chord’s Music Review,” featuring the hottest hit on the New Reno Strip, Mr. H. Chord. If you want to check out the action, you have to be well off or smart enough to procure a vehicle, because there is no walk in entrance to the resort. One can only drive there.



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